Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Italeri 1/24 Ferrari 348

A change is as good as... plodding along on a build that you've lost the motivation for..  I joined the Wheels Go Round Car Group build on UAMF, and have been working on an Italeri 1/24th Ferrari 348, that I got cheap from an auction site here in New Zealand.

From the auction description:
"Note also that the car body has been slightly “flattened” during storage, (not broken) and believe will regain shape when model assembled."

Well you get what's you pay for I suppose. My first car model in a very large number of years, so it has been intersting so far.

This is where I am at so far, all the interior and motor is in, and I can now look at getting the body straightened out.

I did swap the steering wheel and instrument cluster to the right hand side, and also moved the gear selector and hand brake over as well. The steering wheel on the left just look wrong to me.

Certainly I wasn't quite expecting all these bits that have to be painted before you can start assembling, but it has been quite fun, and a good change from the military planes.

Onto the panel beating.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Airfix - Short Stirling - cockpit

Added a bit of detail to the cockpit..
moved the navigators table up, as the floor is a bit low. I've noticed in most Stirling phots that there are curtains over the windows, so painted them on, be interestign to see how they look with the masking off.

I've got a pilot and navigator sorted out, just painting them. Hopefully finish this area in the next couple of days.