Saturday, 28 April 2012

Hobby Boss - 1/72 Me 262 - Painting

Got the canopy on, and sprayed a dark primer on it for the framing, showed up a couple of gaps that needed filling.

So I used Tamiya basic filler thinned with Tamiya lacquer thinner to smooth it into the gaps.

A sand back and then a couple of coats of Tamiya Fine Surface primer and it was paint time.

I have trouble picking schemes, especially when a subject like the 262 seems to have so many choices, but after a bit of time, I decided to go with a RLM 74/75/76 scheme. To me it looks even more modern and fighterish in the greys.

This afternoon I sat down and mixed some colours up using the Tamiya acrylics I had about, then while the family were out at sports this evening I painted it..
I love the airbrush for scheme like this, it must be my favourite part of the process, when the grey plastic lump, starts coming to life, with its colour on.

Freehand with using some post-it notes and about three strips of masking tape for the straight edges. I really enjoyed it.

So hopefully decals soon.


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hobby Boss - 1/72 Me 262 - Assembly

Progresses quickly this kit, I've spent some time fill the wheel wells, I'm building it in-flight as I do most of my aircraft models. Some one said once you don't see many aircraft driving down the road...
The main wheel doors fit really well, for the nose doors I used a tab from one of the sprues to fill it, and then a couple of little slivers of plasticard for the sides holes.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Hobby Boss - 1/72 Me 262 - Parts perusal

I have been eager to build a Hobby Boss Easy Assembly kit for a while now, but haven't found an excuse to build one, normally the kids grab any I buy for themselves.. they certainly have looked good when the kids have built them. So I took the opportunity of an early jets group build that's running on UAMF, to have a crack at their Me262.
So box content...

Italeri 1/24 Ferrari 348 - Finished

The body certainly beat me into shape, I couldn;t completely sort the wraps and twists out, but got it slightly better. One thing with the body was I managed to cause some stress fractures in the windscreen...
and the side windows didn't line up very well, so a big of pva to fill the gaps, and she was finished..