Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Hoimann - Airfix Me109 G6 Part 5 ooops

Well I thought I was done with the plastic basing, but I forgot to put a blanking piece of plasticard in the oil cooler intake, and its open all the way to the cockpit, so I sliced the intake off, and going to blank it and then add the intake back on.

So plasticard blank/base for the intake is setting up... more fill'n sand ahead...

Bird Dog Part 4 Masking.....

Well fuselage windows were easy to mask, but these top windows egads, the worse things I have had to mask.

Ended up punching out some circles of tape for each corner and then fill in with strips of tape. On to primer now.. yay yay..

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hoimann - Airfix Me109 G6 Part 4

New undercarriage doors, and wheels in place..

I think I've got the doors too long and there should be a gap at the fuselage end of the doors. But I'm not going to fret about it.

Canopy was cemented in place with super glue gel. As the canopy was a bit large all over, and had a gap to fill at the front, once I used accelerator on it, I sanded the canopy to size, polished with micromesh and then a coat of Klear.

Still a bit bowl like, but is much clearer than before.

Just waiting for some masking then primer and paint..
I'm leaning towards masking and painting the roundels and stars, and I'm not sure how many stars there should be, all four places on the wings or just on the lefts?

Captured Bf109F NN644 -White 11 Part 3

So cockpit and pilot is fitted, and I've added the brass square tube for the mount I'll be using.

Been tidying up the exhausts..

opened up the first three and whittled the front exhaust stack.

Wheels and undercarriage covers are done,

there's a big empty space at the fuselage end, which I might add a section of sprue just so its not an empty hole.

Happy Fill'n sanding..

Bird Dog Part 3

Fuselage together..

not a bad fit, there is a bit of ridge at the joint, and the nose had to sanded square so the engine front would go on with no gaps. The top will have to be spread as its slightly too narrow for the upper wing gap and windshield.

Those internal frames bugged me, how to represent them, I could see them faintly on the plastic, so I thought let's try something. So I got a needle and scribed some lines on the inside of the screens, quite deeply. Then got some water colour black and mixed it with a few drops of Klear and with a fine brush brushed it into the grooves. Once dry I got a cotton bud dipped in alcohol and wiped the excess smudgey black off...

Also scribed the centre line as well, though I think maybe I should have done that on the outside.

Got the top glasshouse panels in, sanded and polished  down...

Superglue gel was used fix them in, and the huge gaps around them filled with gel as well. Electrical insulation tape was used to cover the wing detail, as they were sanded flush. Polish with Micromesh and then a coat of Klear.

Could do more polishing but can't be arsed, they'll do, I'm itching to get to paint, and I'm erm 'annoyed' at the cleaning up everything needs...

Had a big gap at the wing centre section, which I've filled with a section of plasticard.

Tail feathers are on.

just a small gap at the fuselage to fin fillet point.

Masking then primer and orange paint, yum yum..

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Bird Dog Part 2

Fuselage ejector marks..

Tailfin and tailplane:

Wing ejector pin hillocks..

The undersurface panel doesn't quite fit flush...

on both wings...

Looking at the front upper windows, well they didn't fit very very, nowhere being flush to the upper wing surface, was thinking of using Clearfix, but my bottle has gone all hard, so will have to use what we have got.. Carved a bit out of the wing...

Now the clear bit sits proud a touch..

its not glued in, once its cemented in I'll fill around the edges, and then can sand it flush.
I really wonder if I did something wrong with it, as I had to remove quite a lot of plastic, but can't figure out what.

The rear wing windows, are really sloppy in their holes, so and have some dimples that'll be sanded out.

More cleaning up parts, I couldn't see those round circles on any photos, so I'm assuming they are ejector pin marks...

So more fine slicing and sanding. More Fill 'n Sand ahead...

Bird Dog Part 1

Another cool scheme that is crying out to try.. and its a New Zealand plane ZK-NAM So out with the Airfix 1/72 Bird Dog.
Those rubbish brown paper Airfix decals are a worry, hang on, no they arn't I can;t see any need for decals on ZK-NAM, hooray!

Captured Bf109F NN644 -White 11 Part 2

Pilot painted and klear water colour black wash, then matted a bit..

a bit of dry brush highlighting and I'll call him done.

Happy Fill 'n Sand

Captured Bf109F NN644 -White 11 Part 1

 BF 109F-4 NN644 of No.1426 (Enemy Aircraft)  Flight, RAF Colly Weston, late 1943
formerly WNr 7233 White 11, of IV/./JG 26, wheels up landing at Beachy Head 20 May 1942, flown by  Uffz. Oswald Fischer of 10.(Jabo)/JG 26. Stationed at Omer/Fort Rouge.  His aircraft was hit in the engine by anti-aircraft fire while attacking a British Corvette at Newhaven Harbor. The engine was replaced at RAF Collyweston, the original having only 1-1/2 hours of use. The white 11 and falling bomb emblem was retained though the aircraft was repainted in RAF colors.

Another interesting subject, and the only 109F I have is an Airfix 1/48 one, not my normal scale, havn't done 1/48th in a very long time.

Well a novelty for me, a figure with separate arms, so only a few mods:  carve away the Luftwaffe sausage life vest, add a neck addition, and turn his head a bit....

 added some 5thou card belts and some scalpel packet foil harness straps.

From the few parts I've removed and test fitted so far, I'm liking this one, seems to fit well and not much flash.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Hoimann - Airfix Me109 G6 Part 3

 Found a use for the kit wheels..

the tear drop shape is where Airfix had the wheel bulges molded, which don't line up with the wheel wells at all. This is one of those things that really annoys me, so I sliced them off, and set about creating new bulges in near the right place. By using the kit wheels as the basis for the bulges...

Roughly like the proper things, I'm happy enough.

The kit undercarriage covers, didn't fit the holes at all, a mile wide gap around them, so replaced with plasticard..
Super glued in place with the Hobby boss wheels.

Cockpit done, added a blanking piece at the back of the cockpit, and a little piece as a seat..
 the Hobby boss machine gun bulges, intake are on.

The fuselage seemed a little square so have rounded the edges a bit, and there is something nagging me about the shape of the tail...
Here's a comparison between the old Airfix and new 109 G-6, the angle of the fin looks a bit shallow, that might be part of it. I might sand it to a steeper angle, but I won't worry about the depth of the fuselage.

Till next time.. Happy Fill 'n sand

Hoimann - Airfix Me109 G6 Part 2

Well after looking at the parts of this old mould Airfix messer, I remembered I had some spares from a Hobby boss easy assemble Messerschmitt kit...
Airfix wheels at the top, funny skinny disc things, the Hobby Boss ones are below and are very nice.

The Hobby Boss tropical filter at the top, and Airfix's strange tropical filter below.
Also found the Hobby Boss machine gun covers, which to me look spot on, certainly better than the Airfix 'saddle tanks'.

Here is the Hobby Boss tropical filter for a comparison, I've opened up the intake of it here, as I'm going to do this inflight, and I believe the intake was only closed when they were taking off or landing.

Hoimann - Airfix Me109 G6 Part 1

In May 1943 the first enemy aircraft captured by the 325 FG USAAF was Me 109 G6/Trop. ("Yellow 16" of 9./JG 77) in Mateur, Tunisia.The Messerschmitt was repainted overall flat black with a red spinner, rudder, and ailerons. It was also given USAAF markings and named "Hoimann" in honour of Hermann Goring.

So after finding that out and having an Airfix Me109 G6, I just have to build it.


Hi all,

Welcome to Fill n Sand, a blog about my plastic kit set making.

The title refers to the fact I mostly build old kitsets that need a bit of filling and sanding during their construction. All fun stuff, that makes the process more enjoyable and you get the feeling you have 'made' a kit.

I'm mostly interested in 1/72nd aeroplane kitsets, though subjects that take my fancy get built as well.

Thanks for looking and the journey continues..