Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hobby Boss - 1/72 Me 262 - decals and done.

Decals went on well, apart from the trailing edge walkways ones, which kept on folding up, and the fuselage stripe, whose edges shattered, so I replaced it with a Revell Me 262 one.

The only other oddity to me is the swastika which comes in two parts and is backwards. Andrew on the UAMF has informed me it's for the German market, and that I am supposed to have put them on upside down. I thought the reverse side would have been all white and never checked ooops. Ah well a good reason to get another one of these kits..

The decals seem a bit bright so they were toned down with some thinned Tamiya deck tan sprayed over them and the high points on the airframe, then a scattering of thinned Tamiya black and brown, and finally a coat of Vallejo satin model air varnish and she's done...

Well what can I say. it's the first time I have built one of these easy assembly kits and I am a convert, what fun, crisp mouldings, go together well with a little fettling, and plenty of room to modify them, very enjoyable.