Saturday, 25 February 2012

Airfix - Short Stirling - windows and wings

You thought you could escape it.. but no it has to start with those windows..

Some interior green brushed on, then a light sand and some primer over the top to check, good enough. I promise I shall not mention them again.... well until the masks come off..

But some things I will mention and you cannot stop me, oh captive build followers... wings! I think I have finally got the trailing edges to a nice thin edge.. well one wing anyway..

a touch of filler in a sanded through section.

The leading edges all tidied up..

the oil cooler intakes shaped and some fins added, also the outlet vent on the top of the wing and the landing lights scratch built.

The under side has a bit of tidy up to go..

the front and rear of the under carriage doors have some huge gaps, that were filled with plasticard and had to add a bit of filler, as well edge of the flap panel line.
Those bomb cell doors, it looks like the whole section of the bomb cells are slightly lower than the surrounding wing area, as they have been sanded with a block across them, yet the whole area is still slightly hollow. They will have to do, at least the area is painted black.

The other wing, has been sanded to an inch of its life, and just added the plasticard for the vent fins.

cut the excess off and tidy up, then some primer for this wing as well.

Also got the tailplanes and fin cemented together and the moving surfaces cemented on, so they will be getting a jolly good sanding as well.


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Airfix - Short Stirling - window masks

Well after searching the house for metal tube to use as a cutter, or anything as a template, I decided to create the window shapes on the PC and print them onto Tamiya tape.
Put the tape on a piece of glass, then with a new scalpel blade in the handle, away we go. The glass is only a small piece so it can be turned while cutting around the curves.

The Tamiya tape is the wide stuff, 40mm, and its different stuff to the narrow stuff, seems thinner and has the name 'Kamoi Tape' in the centre of the roll.

Here are the cockpit windows masked..

I've masked the rear with a larger piece of tape than the outside of the windows, hopefully we don't get the double pane look.

I am feeling happier now.


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Airfix - Short Stirling - windows

Finally got the cd case replacement windows in, and tidied up..

Lots of sanding, 150 grit to 1200 grit, then finished off with micro mesh pads, and I've brished a coat of Klear on both sides.

Now I've just got to figure out the easiest way to cut the window masks...

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Airfix - Short Stirling - windows

I almost, can't put it off I have to start on the cockpit, and need to pop the windows in before I start, but the kit windows are not the best, dimpled, have very bright edges and worse they don't fit flush to the outer surface, also the individual rear fuselage ones are small and have big gaps around the glass.

So, what to do..... tried some PVA as a test to make windows, but they were distorted, and are not flush, the glue sets with a sag, so last resort is to use sections of CD cases...
I scribed around a section of windows, then used a razor saw to cut the section out. Held the fuselage over the CD case and scribed the hole, cut it out with a saw, and then sanded it to a nice tight fit, and cemented in. It is slightly proud so I can sand it flush to the fuselage. Then I'll mask the windows both sides and start detailing the cockpit.

I'll replace the rear fuselage windows with sections of CD case as well, and about five individual windows. A bit of work, but I'll be happier.

Fill'n Sand ahoy!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Airfix - Short Stirling - wings and things

Well there is a lot plastic in this kit, since I'm doing an early Stirling with no mid upper turret I've cut the moulded on faing away and added some card to blank it out.
I'm finding the sprue dissolved in the cement is working well, though sometimes it stays soft for a while, and when you sand it it balls up, too much cement maybe??

One wing had an inner nacelle edge moulded very thin, so I've backed it with card.

Also started cementing the wings together, need lots of clamps...
Used all my big clamps up here.
I noticed the wings have a slight longitudinal bow, so I though best way of cementing them, was by cementing the root and the inner nacelle first, letting it harden, and then do the rest of the wing.

Cementing in the bomb bay as well, so I can start to work on the cockpit. I'm wavering between using the vac canopy, then having to detail the cockpit or making the kit one fit and not worrying about cockpit detail.

Need to sort out a crew, I want to add a pilot, navigator, bomb aimer and rear gunner, but the kits ones are not the best.

All the best


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Airfix - Short Stirling - rivets and sinks..

A slow start, a bit daunted by the size and number of parts, jeepers. Oh well, one foot after the other.

I was reading the Stirling was flush riveted, and looking at photos I can't see rivets, so they are being sanded away. Have got the fuselage halves and wing top surfaces done.
Also have done a bit of scribing, just the fuel tank covers and some leading edge lines.

Sanding the rivets off have turned up a few sink marks on the fuselage and wing. Now I seem to have problems filling sink marks, I think its due to the bowl shape depression they tend to be with no sharp defined edges, unlike a gap or hole. They never seem to disappear completely, I think its the thin feathered edge of filler that's left. So I thought I'd try something new to me, sprue dissolved in Tamiya extra thin cement, I had an almost finished bottle and chopped up about three inches of sprue and dropped them in, its made a very gloopy sludgy stuff..
I've blobbed it into the sink holes I've uncovered so far, and am eager to see if it fills the sink holes better.

Have also cemented the closed undercart door panels in and made new wing bomb cells doors. The kit has two rivet coated doors for each bomb cell, and only has an edge at either short end. A bit of cutting, a scribed door line down the centre and a support in the cells for the doors.
There is a poser though, there are two slots at the rear of the undercarriage bays, I assume for the extended legs, now were these actually open slots on the Stirling or did they have covers?

Anyway full steam Fill'n Sanding...

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Airfix - Short Stirling

Hi folks,

The UAMF are having a four engined or more group build. (Starts the 1st Feb, and runs to 18th March).

So dived in the 'The Stash' and got one of the Short Stirlings out..
Lots of plastic...

and comes with a tractor and four bomb trolleys.

So I've been scouting around for refs and a subject and came across some photos on the IWM Collections search website, of an actual daylight operation by 15 Squadron in 1942....

Short Stirling Mark Is of No. 15 Squadron RAF, meet up with their fighter escort of Hawker Hurricanes over the south-eastern coast of England, on a 'Circus' operation to bomb a target in Lille, France. Photograph taken from the mid-upper turret of one of the three participating Stirlings.

Short Stirling Mark I, N3658 'LS-E', of No. 15 Squadron RAF, piloted by Flight Lieutenant Gilmour, encounters heavy flak at a height of 10,000 feet over the French coast, while flying on a 'Circus' operation to bomb a target in Lille.

I thought these were amazing photos, so just have to do LS-E.

One of the mods is no mid upper turret, yay! I am a bit scared of doing turrets, as I think I will get all paranoid about putting lots of detail into them. So I'll try to make them busy but not get too anal about it.

Ahh.. I feel lots of Fill'n Sand ahead...