Saturday, 29 September 2012

Fujimi 1/72 P-47 Thunderbolt - painting

Well I didn't leave the primer long enough to dry and had some scrape off, so I sanded it back and tried airbrushing it on. Gace it a good few days, then sprayed some white for the yellow, and invasion stripes, sprayed the yellow, and left for a couple of days. Masked up for the black today, and tonight sprayed the black and olive drab.
 A bit of a black booger on the yellow, I was scraping the masking tape to lift the edge with my finger nail, and the nail picked up some black which ended up on the yellow, too impatient to get my tweezers...

I'll leave it for a day or so, then mask up for the silver.. must start doing something about decals too...

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Fujimi 1/72 P-47 Thunderbolt - danglely bits and primer

The kit bombs have bugged me, and I tried to make them more likable, but I gave up..
so rummaged through the spares and bits, and found a couple of more beefy and American looking bombs (top), also added a seam to the fuselage drop tank.

Then had a play with some Vallejo primer..
Brushed on really well, I tried thinning it first, but it was too thin, so then slopped it on, and it self leveled and dried really nicely. Just needs a polish out, and it should be good.

Also tried some Vallejo Model Color Yellow, I should have jsut brushed one coat and left to dry, but I went over it too soon, and it lumped up. I'll sand it smooth.

Why all this Vallejo? Well I decided to retire my old Humbrol Enamels, sick of inconsistent new tins, and sick of the smell of turps I use to clean my brushes. It's quite refreshing to start with some new paints.


Saturday, 8 September 2012

Fujimi 1/72 P-47 Thunderbolt - fit fettling

Got the lower wing on..
here's the underlap, that would have been a wing root gap.
FIlled the gaps in the flaps with a bit of stretched sprue.

Took some sanding to get the cowling to blend in, there was quite a large step. In the process sanded off the lourves, so replaced them with some plasticard. also drilled a couple of holes and added the exhaust bypass.

Added a piece as a sight, and some rails for the canopy.

That silver plastic, really shows up the ghost of rivets past..

Monday, 3 September 2012

Fujimi 1/72 P-47 Thunderbolt - Engine..

Added some stretched sprue as push rods and magnetos(?)
also added some cut drop tanks as intakes.
A bit of paint and a wash and looks busy.