Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Fujimi 1/72 P-47 Thunderbolt - danglely bits and primer

The kit bombs have bugged me, and I tried to make them more likable, but I gave up..
so rummaged through the spares and bits, and found a couple of more beefy and American looking bombs (top), also added a seam to the fuselage drop tank.

Then had a play with some Vallejo primer..
Brushed on really well, I tried thinning it first, but it was too thin, so then slopped it on, and it self leveled and dried really nicely. Just needs a polish out, and it should be good.

Also tried some Vallejo Model Color Yellow, I should have jsut brushed one coat and left to dry, but I went over it too soon, and it lumped up. I'll sand it smooth.

Why all this Vallejo? Well I decided to retire my old Humbrol Enamels, sick of inconsistent new tins, and sick of the smell of turps I use to clean my brushes. It's quite refreshing to start with some new paints.


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