Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Lindberg 1/72 FW 190 D - Finished

Finished her up last night, a bit of stretched tube for the cannon barrels, on with the wheels and prop blur..

Monday, 4 June 2012

Lindberg 1/72 FW 190 D - smoke and ...

Broke out the airbrush and got some exhaust stains on, and a bit of highlighting, then sprayed some Vallejo Satin varnish.

Then got the paints and watercolours out tonight, painted the cowling front and put some water colour in the movable surfaces hinge lines.

I'll make some barrels for the cannons and pop the spinner and prop blur on tomorrow hopefully.


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Lindberg 1/72 FW 190 D - decals

Went through my spare decals, (I was going to call it a decal 'bank', but would be a bit grand for a Continental chocolate box full of old old decals ) and found some that would do me, so out with the decalling bits and bobs, and all of them failed on me, cracked up, or couldn't be cajoaled off of the backing, arrrggghh Modelling can be like a chocolate box of decals... 

So back through the choco decal box, and found some more, not right but I'm happy enough.

Couldn't find any Hakenkreuz decals for the fin, and thought it looked a bit empty without something, so the choco box to the rescue again, took a bit of coaxing to get it off the backing paper but eventually did...


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Lindberg 1/72 FW 190 D - Paint

Well a bit of primer and a little touch up here and there during the week, still a bit lumpy inplaces, but meh I won't notice. Mixed up some colours this afternoon, and as so family were out tonight, I set-up the airbrush and indulged myself rotten for 4 or 5 hours...

Post it notes and low tack 3m blue tape, a lot of freehand blowing of paint and got to a point that I'm satisfied with. I do enjoy freehand spraying, something I really really enjoy doing. Using low tack tape and post it notes really makes it easy too.