Saturday, 14 April 2012

Hobby Boss - 1/72 Me 262 - Parts perusal

I have been eager to build a Hobby Boss Easy Assembly kit for a while now, but haven't found an excuse to build one, normally the kids grab any I buy for themselves.. they certainly have looked good when the kids have built them. So I took the opportunity of an early jets group build that's running on UAMF, to have a crack at their Me262.
So box content...

Now I do like the detail they get on the plastic..

 A cockpit tub with moulded on seat belts, no joystick but wow, for one moulding nice.
 The fin trailing edge is so fine its translucent, and there is a slight separation between the rudder and fin.
 Cannon shell ejector holes, those hex holes are mounts for the bombs or drop tanks.
Crisp canopy, that seems to be a good fit.

The undercarriage doors have thin edges and moulded on detail.
I am really surprised at the detail on the kit, nice.