Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hobby Boss - 1/72 Me 262 - Assembly

Progresses quickly this kit, I've spent some time fill the wheel wells, I'm building it in-flight as I do most of my aircraft models. Some one said once you don't see many aircraft driving down the road...
The main wheel doors fit really well, for the nose doors I used a tab from one of the sprues to fill it, and then a couple of little slivers of plasticard for the sides holes.

Also plugged the drop tank locating holes with the tapered section of stretched sprue.

A large section of round sprue with a hole drilled in it and then squared up with a file was cemented in the fuselage.

I cut the locating pins for the fuselage away as they were quite tight, and removing them also improved the fit of the joint. In fact after a bit of fettling of the joints it was a rather good fit.

Has just needed a touch of filler and a sand to tidy up.

I thinned the nacelle inlet and outlet walls, as they are quite thick. The cucumber and onion are also quite a tight fit, and have needed a touch fo filler to tidy up.
The nacelles needed a bit of flash removal to get them to sit flush against the wing underside, and will need a bit of clean up at the front and rear of the wing.

The tailplanes were a fantastic fit, and I noticed they have very very very fine rib detail on them, though I think they will be hidden under paint

Very much getting converted to these easy kits...


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