Saturday, 11 February 2012

Airfix - Short Stirling - wings and things

Well there is a lot plastic in this kit, since I'm doing an early Stirling with no mid upper turret I've cut the moulded on faing away and added some card to blank it out.
I'm finding the sprue dissolved in the cement is working well, though sometimes it stays soft for a while, and when you sand it it balls up, too much cement maybe??

One wing had an inner nacelle edge moulded very thin, so I've backed it with card.

Also started cementing the wings together, need lots of clamps...
Used all my big clamps up here.
I noticed the wings have a slight longitudinal bow, so I though best way of cementing them, was by cementing the root and the inner nacelle first, letting it harden, and then do the rest of the wing.

Cementing in the bomb bay as well, so I can start to work on the cockpit. I'm wavering between using the vac canopy, then having to detail the cockpit or making the kit one fit and not worrying about cockpit detail.

Need to sort out a crew, I want to add a pilot, navigator, bomb aimer and rear gunner, but the kits ones are not the best.

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