Sunday, 5 February 2012

Airfix - Short Stirling - rivets and sinks..

A slow start, a bit daunted by the size and number of parts, jeepers. Oh well, one foot after the other.

I was reading the Stirling was flush riveted, and looking at photos I can't see rivets, so they are being sanded away. Have got the fuselage halves and wing top surfaces done.
Also have done a bit of scribing, just the fuel tank covers and some leading edge lines.

Sanding the rivets off have turned up a few sink marks on the fuselage and wing. Now I seem to have problems filling sink marks, I think its due to the bowl shape depression they tend to be with no sharp defined edges, unlike a gap or hole. They never seem to disappear completely, I think its the thin feathered edge of filler that's left. So I thought I'd try something new to me, sprue dissolved in Tamiya extra thin cement, I had an almost finished bottle and chopped up about three inches of sprue and dropped them in, its made a very gloopy sludgy stuff..
I've blobbed it into the sink holes I've uncovered so far, and am eager to see if it fills the sink holes better.

Have also cemented the closed undercart door panels in and made new wing bomb cells doors. The kit has two rivet coated doors for each bomb cell, and only has an edge at either short end. A bit of cutting, a scribed door line down the centre and a support in the cells for the doors.
There is a poser though, there are two slots at the rear of the undercarriage bays, I assume for the extended legs, now were these actually open slots on the Stirling or did they have covers?

Anyway full steam Fill'n Sanding...

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