Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Airfix - Short Stirling - windows

I almost, can't put it off I have to start on the cockpit, and need to pop the windows in before I start, but the kit windows are not the best, dimpled, have very bright edges and worse they don't fit flush to the outer surface, also the individual rear fuselage ones are small and have big gaps around the glass.

So, what to do..... tried some PVA as a test to make windows, but they were distorted, and are not flush, the glue sets with a sag, so last resort is to use sections of CD cases...
I scribed around a section of windows, then used a razor saw to cut the section out. Held the fuselage over the CD case and scribed the hole, cut it out with a saw, and then sanded it to a nice tight fit, and cemented in. It is slightly proud so I can sand it flush to the fuselage. Then I'll mask the windows both sides and start detailing the cockpit.

I'll replace the rear fuselage windows with sections of CD case as well, and about five individual windows. A bit of work, but I'll be happier.

Fill'n Sand ahoy!