Thursday, 19 May 2011

Captured Bf109F NN644 -White 11 Part 1

 BF 109F-4 NN644 of No.1426 (Enemy Aircraft)  Flight, RAF Colly Weston, late 1943
formerly WNr 7233 White 11, of IV/./JG 26, wheels up landing at Beachy Head 20 May 1942, flown by  Uffz. Oswald Fischer of 10.(Jabo)/JG 26. Stationed at Omer/Fort Rouge.  His aircraft was hit in the engine by anti-aircraft fire while attacking a British Corvette at Newhaven Harbor. The engine was replaced at RAF Collyweston, the original having only 1-1/2 hours of use. The white 11 and falling bomb emblem was retained though the aircraft was repainted in RAF colors.

Another interesting subject, and the only 109F I have is an Airfix 1/48 one, not my normal scale, havn't done 1/48th in a very long time.

Well a novelty for me, a figure with separate arms, so only a few mods:  carve away the Luftwaffe sausage life vest, add a neck addition, and turn his head a bit....

 added some 5thou card belts and some scalpel packet foil harness straps.

From the few parts I've removed and test fitted so far, I'm liking this one, seems to fit well and not much flash.

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