Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Hoimann - Airfix Me109 G6 Part 3

 Found a use for the kit wheels..

the tear drop shape is where Airfix had the wheel bulges molded, which don't line up with the wheel wells at all. This is one of those things that really annoys me, so I sliced them off, and set about creating new bulges in near the right place. By using the kit wheels as the basis for the bulges...

Roughly like the proper things, I'm happy enough.

The kit undercarriage covers, didn't fit the holes at all, a mile wide gap around them, so replaced with plasticard..
Super glued in place with the Hobby boss wheels.

Cockpit done, added a blanking piece at the back of the cockpit, and a little piece as a seat..
 the Hobby boss machine gun bulges, intake are on.

The fuselage seemed a little square so have rounded the edges a bit, and there is something nagging me about the shape of the tail...
Here's a comparison between the old Airfix and new 109 G-6, the angle of the fin looks a bit shallow, that might be part of it. I might sand it to a steeper angle, but I won't worry about the depth of the fuselage.

Till next time.. Happy Fill 'n sand

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