Thursday, 25 April 2013

Revell 1/181 B-36 Peacemaker - Fill and sand cycle..

It is now in the now stuck in the prime fill and sand cycle...
 This is the second round, I've finally figured out how to use the little bottles of Tamiya Fine Surface primer, gave my bottle a good stir and got all the sediment off the bottom and works much better.

They had moulded on the wing walk lines, and I was going to leave but, filled them in.
 The engine pods have taken some work the inlets were much too large, and took some serious sanding to get to blend in.
I've filled the large holes for the support strut.

Next job will be to reshape the propeller spinner, to make it more conical. I've snipped the blades off, and will make some prop blurs for it, so that makes the job easier.