Sunday, 24 July 2011

"The Stash"

Well this post on UAMF How Big Is Your Stash?  Inspired me to drag a laptop out to the garage and go through The Stash boxes, a grand total of 166 kitsets. I was expecting about a 100 so it was a surprise.

Certainly not huge, and I do have three kids who enjoy building a kit, so it certainly an er active stash, kits tend to cycle through.

Another surprise, was when I started playing with the data in Openoffice Calc, and found the most populous subjects:
  • 9 Harriers, 
  • 7 P-47 Thunderbolts, 
  • 5 Lancasters,
  • 4 each of F4U Corsair, Messerchmitt Me 109 and Junkers Ju188,
  • 3 each of Lysander, Spitfire, Hurricane, F4 Phantom, Heinkel He-111 and Messerschmitt Bf110.
I was quite surprised at the number of Harriers, I would have said three or four, certainly not nine...

I have been collecting 1/72 P-47s for a couple of years, been trying to get one of each brand out there, so I knew there was a few.

An interesting exercise, its been worthwhile spending the couple of hours going through the boxes. Had a helping hand from one of the lads, which cost The Stash a F4 Phantom.

All the best, keep up Fill'n Sanding

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