Sunday, 20 November 2011

Airfix 1/72 Hampden - Fondling the plastic..

Well I've decided to take part in a Airfix Hampden single kit group build on UAMF. Everybody has to build the Airfix Hampden kit, and can do it anyway they want. out of the box, addtions, what ifs, anything goes as long as its the Airfix Hampden kit, and you share your progress and join in the banter. Lots of Coastal Command schemes being done, looks like most of 489 Squadron.

So I dug out my Hampden from 'The Stash', I've got the Flacon vac canopies for it, and the Airwaves photo etch set for it. I don't know if I'll use much of the photo etch as I'm suspicious not much will be seen. I've not used photo etch before either so a bit nervous about it.

So here is the box art, an old boxing..

The extra bits and kit decals, whcih look like they have passed their 'use by'

The good old black plastic, lots of rivets, but they look good, nice crisp and good detail.

Canopies are very thick, so I can see why people suggest the Falcon vac set, I'm a little buit suspicious of the fit of the vac canopies though, the nose seems a bit wide, but I havn't cut it out of the back yet.

I'm not sure of which scheme yet, I was going to do a 489 RNZAF Squadron one, but there about four being done, so it'll be a bomber command one, I'm leaning towards an early scheme, with the big A1 roundals on the wings, but I'll decide later.

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