Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Airfix Devastator - Vac Canopy

Well I have been battling with the canopy, and a overwhelming lack of interest due to having to make a replacement canopy, but I have pushed through it and come out the otherside, or some such bumf...

Started with this ...
a big gap at the rear, so I cemented all the pieces together added some plasticard sections to the rear fo the canopy, then sanded all the frame lines off. Reattached the front windscreen and rear section which came adrift... cemented a section of plastic card across the bottom, and a section of drop tank to support the windscreen, a squirt of primer and a sand, then vac formed some plastic this afternoon..
Not bad, a few speaks of dust in it, and a stray hair, good enough for me.. a trim with some nail scissors, and she's a good un..

I'll lay a few strips of stretched sprue to give a lip for the canopy to rest against, then cement it on.

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