Monday, 9 January 2012

Airfix 1/72 Hampden - primed and codes..

Well a week away, and eager to get back to the Hampden.

Before we left I added the home made vac canopies, masked them and primed her..

I've been keen to try masking and painting codes, and a while ago I bought some frisk film, which I used for the Bird dog, and on the captured BF109F, and seemed to work really well, so I have finaly got up the gumption to try it on codes. The decals were shot for the Hampden anyway, and someone suggested doing it as a 485 RNZAF squadron machine, so I printed the code letter out, stuck some cellotape over the top then put frisk over it, and cut out the codes, MEoH to make it easy cuts. I've put them over the primer as that'll be close enough for me as the code colour.
Also cut out some circle masks for the roundels, now it will be on to spraying white for the national markings...

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