Saturday, 28 January 2012

Lindberg 1/72 FW 190 D

Well I like the two Lindberg's I've built so far, the 1/288 Snap fit Shuttle and the 1/72 Arado 234, both I would call them 'honest' kits, straight forward to build with no major fit problems, and as I havn't read anything about them on the web, no subconscious bias one way or the other.

They are a manufacturer I've only come across recently, as the kits of my youth here in NZ, were Matchbox, Airfix, Frog, Revell and Monogram.

A kind fellow Brews, sent me some kits last year, and there were a few Lindbergs included, a FW190, a Me410, Arado 234 and a He111 (1/50). After the Hampden I thought a nice Lindberg would be just right, so I've started the FW190..

I just love the Lindberg instructions...

Love that "See finished picture for decal locations", and no painting refs at all, ahh, lets us have some freedom then...

Now it is missing a few parts, the air intake ring (part22) and the major one being the cowling (part 8)...

So for the cowling I foudn the largest round thing I had in my spares, which isn't too bad for size, and have cemented in some card to make a lip for a backing piece. Just need to figure out how to do some radiator finning in there.

The air intake ring, is a section of rocket pod.

There are a couple of things that have bugged me, there were no gn troughs for the nose gus, infact no represenations of them at all, so some tube has been cemented in, and hopefully they'll make troughs once they are trimmed and sanded back.

The other that annoyed me was the gaping cockpit so I've added some card as the instrument panel coaming, whcih is pretty prominent on the 190. It seems odd, with the other errors, something odd about the tail, cockpit canopy is odd too, but they are the two things that really bug me, and I can add to easily.

Good fun, and more Fill'n sanding ahead..