Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Lindberg 1/72 Me-410 Hornisse - assembly

Been working on this one a classic Lindberg kit,

Love the Lindberg instructions.

Found a coupl eof major things with the kit, I checked the length against an Italeri Me-210 and it was the same length, so reckon the fuselage is bit short for a Me-410, ah well. The other thing with this kit that really jumps out is the canopy..
A typical Lindberg rivet fest, very thick, and that joint right down the middle. It laso hasn;t got the bugles/cut ins at the rear that is so obvious ont he Me-210/410, which is a shame.

But it's building up like the other Lindberg's I've built, not bad fitting, once joints are sanded flat, and goes together quickly.

No cockpit detail at all, just the Lindberg recliner seats for the crew.
and with the kit canopy it doesn't matter...
I sanded and polished the seam done and it has been coated in Klear/Future.

Needs a bit of filler to blend the canopy in.

Quite a fun build.

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