Saturday, 7 July 2012

PM 1/72 TA-154 Moskito - nacelles..

Cockpit painted and all crew in..

Cemented the right hand nacelle on.
also go the tailplane in and canopy, a bit of filelr to blend things in, but the rear of the nacelle will require a bit of shaping..
The nacelle comes to a sharpish edge but the wing fairing is very blunt ans much wider.

Dry fitted the left nacelle..

quite a step, so I'll shim the under side to try and bring the top of the nacelle flush with the wing fairing.

Finished scratch building the replacement air intakes for the engines..
a couple of corner pieces of round sprue, heated to bent to a shallower angle, then the pointed rear faring build up with super glue and talcum power, sanded and scraped to shape, intake opened up with a knife blade. They are not matches for the photos I have but they are better than the lumps that were on them.

I'll fair the canopy in and then add the left hand nacelle.


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