Saturday 12 January 2013

Italeri 1/72 Apache AH-64D Longbow dual build

Wow, how the time whizzes by, before you know it it's a the next year. Not been doing much modelling, waay too hot and lots of other busy things to do.

But I did build a couple of Italeri Apaches for the UAMF Chopper Group build, there was a couple of other Italeri Apaches built as well, and I think the consensus was the kit needs a bit of work.

It seems to have been modelled on an early prototype and then bastardised in to a pseudo D Longbow. It has decals for a British Army version but is not really a D, it's obvious missing feature that are a lot of work to replicate are the extension to the rear of the side sponsons.

Well one of the Apaches I did as a WHIFFer a Sea Apache in RNZAF markings:

A good bit of scratchbuilding, some homemade decals, a very fun build and in some ways was a lot easier than trying to build a D fomr the box..

After seeing photos of the Israli Saraf, and it's great sand scheme, I just had to build the second that way..

Lots of mods, with lumps and bumps, and extending the rear fo the sponsons. IT was one of those builds the more you looked at reference pictures the more you could do.. one of the obvious faults, which some else pointed out with the Italeri kit is the snsor pod/turret on the nose is mounted upside down...

Ah well both good fun, and glad to have them on the shelf.


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