Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Revell 1/181 B-36 Peacemaker

Having a definite lack of modelling oomph at the moment, but have been tempted by some small scale stuff. (I'm a 1/72 kind of guy.) Recently bought this set:
Revell 1/144 Air Power Combo
A nice selection of heavy metal, will test my overall grey painting ability. Soon after I saw this on our local auction site, and bought it:
Revell 1/181 B-36 Peacemaker
I thought would fit nicely with the other three, even though not the same scale.

I dived straight into it, and quite enjoying it.

Interesting to see it was made here in New Zealand by Lincoln, I've had a few older Revell kits like that.
I was wondering how old it was, and it told me: 1954, 59 years old few makes me feel very young.

A good size even at 1/181.
Panel line markings, and tail serial number, it does have decals as well.

Nice stand included, no wheels down option at all, suits me fine.

Transparent parts, look really nice to me, fine raised frame lines, and not marked at all.
A bit of flash here and there, and needs a bit of tidying at the wing roots.
Two piece tailplane.

So as tonight, sanded all the locating lugs off, squared up the mating surfaces, fuselage is being cemented in stages and wings are drying.