Wednesday 13 November 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #17: Go Big or Go Home

Well what a big question for the union this week, - If you had the resources, would you attempt one HUGE project? -

Easy, no, no way, nada.

A big project would be sure fire, started and guaranteed not completed project. I need to see the end in sight, and a huge time wish detail packed project, I would fail completely.

The only way a huge project would happen, is if I was part of a group, and was doing a portion of a project, then the incentive to not let the others down, and people to interact with would carry me through.

I do admire the tenacity and dedication that people put into huge projects, the finest details, the sheer size of some things, the width and breadth some projects cover, all too overwhelming, full of traps and side tracks for me to wander down though.

So I'll stick to my one subjects, at least I have a better chance to finish them.

All the best


* Who is struggling to find some modelling time lately.

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