Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #15: Everybody's A Critic

This weeks question for us to mull over is - What do you think makes an outstanding finished model? -

There seems to be multiple models/subjects and styles that can make me stop and go

I mean I appreciate a pig's ear kit turned into a silk purse, and some of these marathon efforts certainly stop me in my tracks, as I have battled with a few ahem, challenging builds. So assembly/scratch building skills must be one of those things that I can appreciate.

If something has that 'real' look, the combination of weathering affects, stops me too, so those wicked finishing skills must be something to make me wow.

Hands down makes me stop and go "wicked" every time, is the action model/diorama involving figures, bring the human element/scale to a subject and I'm all yours.
There has been an example on Hyperscale this week, a Hellcat on fire diorama,
from an image that someone found on the web.

I'm an action scene sucker, and this little one is my latest "Totally wicked", you can feel the heat, and the drama "Run man, run!" I've been recalling this little diorama since I saw it, putting myself in the pilots place, trying to imagine feelings of getting out of there.

All the best


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