Tuesday 22 October 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #14: The Worst Part Is...

This weeks topic for the Spruecutters Union to give bit space to is: "What element of the modelling hobby ticks you off? When does this hobby really get under your skin?. "

Well lets go through the process:

  • Research photos and schemes for a subject- oh yes, much fun, in fact I probably spent waaaay too much time looking at photos and scheme.
  • I used to hate cutting parts from the sprue, so much destruction, and troubles caused, but I've been using an etched razor for doing that and I find I get a much better result - so yes it's fine.
  • Adding little bits of plastic details - oh that is fun, in fact knowing where to stop sometimes is an issue of self control, but damn it's fun. 
  • Adding crew members giving the human scale - a highlight for me. 
  • Masking canopies,  I sort of zone out and enjoy the process. 
  • Fill'n Sand-ing well of course I enjoy that, the hands on working the plastic, feeling it with your finger tips, just connects me to the thing I'm working on. 
  • Painting, now that is another highlight, I really enjoy airbrushing, the controllability, the challenge, and the immediacy of the result - oh yes, bring it on. 
  • Ah, now we get to decalling, nope not a positive process it just leaves me cold. 
  • Posing an photographing the finished model, is enjoyable too.

So overall the main negative for me is decalling, especially using old kit decals, it always seems to be a lottery, and involves much much more colourful language than any other step.
The dunk... "Don't shatter, don't shatter... Nooooo!"

The position and adjustment... "Let go, let go...... Why are you folding up!"

The vanishing.... "Where did that decal go, I just put it on the model?..... Arrgh on my finger!"

No definitely not the fun part, I enjoy the result of adding decals, but I certainly grit my teeth and force my way through it.

All the best


Here's the Union members hates, go check them out, they are much much more erudite than me.. and if you want to join in check out HERE

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