Sunday, 13 October 2013

A-10B Conversion - fit and fitout

Hi folks,

After a bit of dry fitting I found I sanded too much off the vacforms..
had to add some strips to spread the fuselage out so the vac canopy would fit and the kit nose cone fit better.

The rear join will need a good filling; the vac plastic is very thin on some of the corners, so will need some rear support.

 Cemented the nose under section on one half, and made new undercart bay doors, as the kit ones, were terrible fit in the closed position.

Instead of trying to make the vacform cokpit tub fit, I thought I'd build it, also means I can add a couple of bulkheads to give the fuselage some rigidity.

I've found a Monogram A-10 pilot figure to use for the crew, just have to buy some mould making silicone.

All the best

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