Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Apologies abound and some stash expansion....

Hi folks, 

Well here is another of those posts where apologies poor forth, for lack of blog activity. 

As no model construction has been done, no blog updates, though the stash has been expanding thanks to our local internet auction site...

 The Forger, I have always though the V/STOL planes were/are so cool, the Harrier rocks! and the Yak-38 was always the mysterious Russian Harrier, so seeing this had to be acquired.
The two biplanes I acquired after a burst of enthusiasm, due to some bedtime reading of Mike Grant's wonderful books (Book1) (Book2), where he turns pigs ears Airfix old bips into little gems. Helps to build up my false sense of ability, these I will probably hide away, until I read another fantastic Mike Grant biplane build...
I saw the doucmentary "Dambusters: Building the Bouncing Bomb" and thought I have to build a DC4 with the "modern" bomn on it. So in a flurry I got a couple of cheap Minicraft DC6 that will I hope to mpdify one to be close to the actual one.
This I had to get as it had the Naval version in it, wahay, woo hoo, happy day! until the box arrived and the Naval version nose cone is missing, rats!
Not my preferred scale, but I used to like CHiPs show, must be Ponch on the bike!
 A cheap Ju88, one of the planes that evokes the nasty enemy in Commando comics.
 A very cheap A-10, the cockpit had been started, the plan for this though is I have the Falcon Vacform conversion set for the B version, the two seat Night/All Weather attack version.
I've certainly seen some subjects that are stirring the juices again, and I regularly check out the Hyperscale Airfix forum, always has a couple of good group builds running, and coming up soonish is a Baby boomers group build and an Airfix Chipmunk single kit build which are tempting me, though I'd have to buy a Chipmunk.

So what will catch my eye, one of the models I have dallied with, cast aside, who now forlornly lies with their unfinished passions, or a nice fresh boxed thing, with lots of promises of adventure and mysteries to come?