Wednesday 16 October 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #13: Prep and sand

This week's Union's query posed is "How do you prepare for your next build?"

The first part my preparation is always the research, looking at photos and schemes. First up a Google images search, a look through and a peek at Wings Pallette. A very enjoyable pastime, which I gladly spend time doing, and is probably one of my enjoyable part of a build. 

If the subject has to be modified, or needs part scratch building, I'll start thinking about the strategy for that, including thinking about what I can steal from other kits. A good rummage through the spares is normally included as I may find something that points me at another project, so much promise in a good sized spares box.

Since I normally build in flight a look at the spare pilots and figures is always in order, looking for the right era, and size, those pilot figures vary widely in size for all being one scale.

Once I've confirmed subject, have a scheme in mind, a plan for any modifications, and figures sorted, it's time for a good plastic wash behind the sprues, and we can let the Fill'n Sand begin..

All the best


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