Sunday, 6 October 2013

A-10B Conversion - the plastic cutting begins..

Hi folks,

Well I finally laid hands on plastic, no not that kind of plastic.. decided to have a crack at an A-10B using the "Falcon Triple Conversion V: F4H-1 canopy/nose / HC-130P / A-10B"
I've already used the F4H-1 conversion, which comprised a new nose, a new shape canopy, on an old Revell F4E kit set.

For this project I got a cheap Academy A-10 Warthog. The kit had been partially started, wings and engines and cockpit had been cemented, but they easily separated, into their components.
So tonight I started on the vacform bits, and made the first kit hacks.
The Falcon set, has the two new fuselage nose sections, a cockpit tub, the taller fins, and two vacform canopies.

The vac bits cleaned up easily, and I cemented the fins together, and the new nose sections onto the rear fuselage halves. Once the cement is dry I'll think I'll reinforce the joints.

Not sure if I'm going to do wheels up or down, depends if I can fidn some jet jockey crew in my spares.