Saturday, 19 October 2013

A-10B Conversion - Cocking about

Hi folks,

A bit of enjoyable fiddly imagineering happening in the cockpit..
Some spurious screens and dials in the cockpit, I think its ready for a bit of paint now.

I've started building a couple of  ACES II ejector seats,
 First attempt but I was not happy with it, so had a rethink:
Here we are with the new seats. Still have to build the head rest/top part of the seats, but I'm happier how these look.

The Monogram figure is the headless one in the seat, he has a mask on and the visor down as moulded, but I'd like a head with the visor up as well, so I'm trying to modify the Airfix legless pilot head into a similar helmet as the Monogram one. I'll remove the Airfix head once I'm happy with it. Then the intention is to make a mould so I can cast a few.

All the best