Saturday 5 October 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #11: Your Hang Outs

Seeing the Sprue Cutters Union weekly topics and posts, has teased me out from under the keyboard to join in.

This weeks topic is the where we hang out and interact with other modellers.

Take 2 of my union post. I had an issue with the Android version of Blogger, overwriting my posted piece with a draft I had started a couple of days ago... ahh Technology.

Growing up in a small farming servicestown in New Zealand I assured myself that I must be the only person who built models, it certainly wasn't something that anybody seemed to talk about, and if I did bring it up with any school friends, or when they visited home, it never aroused any interest.

So when the local stationary shop, held a Monogram competition, any kit as long as it was Monogram, I naïvely assumed I'd be a prize taker. A Monogram Albatross, was resurrected and duly slapped with a red coat of paint, and a Red baron entered.

So the day of the results came and I was gob smacked when there were at least six more models and of course mine didn't place, I seem to remember a truck was the top prize winner.

During the later years, I did find the odd person who made models, though it tended to be I used to make models when I was younger, and wish I could again. It tends to be an embarrassing topic to bring up, not the “macho” Kiwi bloke thing to do, is the impression I get. Certainly when it gets brought up, usual by wife talking to other modellers partnter “Bob, Jim builds plastic kits as well” usually result it muted, “ummm yes” and rapid interest in other areas of the room.

Nowadays my social modelling is very virtual, on this great interweb, following blogs, and a couple of relaxed modelling forums. It's really great being able to give and receive positive encouragement, pick up tips, ideas, and generally be inspired by the creative modelling community.

Another thing is that it is available any time I fancy, I don't have to wait for a monthly meeting but can get my fix, anytime and on the smart devices any where.

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