Sunday, 23 October 2011

Airfix Devastator - wings and cowling

Had a 'can't think of anything to do around the house' time this afternoon, and got a couple of hours in on it.

And I was devastated when I clamped the fuselage together, one of the clamps slipped and took the rear guys arm and the DF loop with its base off. The arm I recovered, the smallest bit knocked off, but the DF lop and base have been digested by the carpet monster..
[linked image]
so made a new loop and base.

Finished up the engine and got it in the cowling..
[linked image]

Modified the cowling as the cooling flaps (to me) are not very well defined and they are moulded open..
[linked image]
So using my newest favourite tool a tamiya etch razor saw, I circled around the front edge of the cowl flaps and then cut down each one, and sanded the 'openess' off. Its meant I've had to sand the fuselage a bit as it took on a decided bulged look with the cowl flaps closed looking.

Also attacked the wings, now why did they attach the wings like this..
[linked image]
sprue gate and a long one right on the leading edge with that lovely ridged detail.

So I was puzzled what to do about when I thought of my new favourite tool (I did mention my new favourite tool didn't I?)..
[linked image]
sliced off the sprue gate, the fine teeth means there is no pressure on the joint and doesn't distort the plastic.

Sanded along the length of the wing..
[linked image]
until level with the existing ridges and..
[linked image]
gently trimmed the excess out with a sharp knife. Repeated for all four outer wings sections.

There is a folded option, which means each wing is in fours pieces, and it looks to me, to have them spread its a butt joint. So I attached the outer and inner quarters of each wing together and have reinforced the joints with sections of plasticard.
[linked image]
So we've managed to keep the top and bottom surface level, and hopefully won't have to sand the joints and loose wing ribs.

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