Thursday, 6 October 2011

Airfix Red Arrows Hawk - Finished

Well she be done, XX179 Red 4

I don't like the kit, mainly due to the new kit hype and the online builds that skip the warts. Which for me were...

- Inlets don't fit well
- The undercarriage interfering with the doors for gear up,
- Those trenches,
- Undersized pilots,
- That jet nozzle why is it so small?
- The decals need to be a bit more opaque.
- Decal placement guide.

There's lots of my fat finger oops, I destroyed a couple of the decal stripes on the tank under the fuselage so there a couple short, canopy masking around the windscreen, and decal creases etc.

I replaced the pilot and the pitot is a broken 80 gauge drill bit.

I'm glad its done.

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