Monday, 3 October 2011

Airfix Red Arrows Hawk - paint and decals started

Well let the primer harden up and gave it a light sand, then on with some Tamiya gloss red acrylic, and started the decalling..

put on the large and some small of the white decals.

They are thin, and I found slightly brittle, the opacity could be better, as they look a bit pink close up, but not bad at arms length, they went down well and the Klear I used on them pulled them in to the trenches.

I did cut the big side fuselage swoop decal, which includes the Royal Air Force text, into two, to make it easier to apply. I worked from the tail to the nose, to get it all sort of lined up.

There are two rectangular white decals that are not mentioned on the decal placement guide, I think 47 and 48, which I think are for the inside of the jet intakes.

The arrow decals are a bit of a puzzle, and I started with the wing corner pieces as I could line them up with the undercarriage doors.

So onto the stencils and other little tiny decals.

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