Thursday, 9 January 2014

A-10B Conversion - Moulding time...

Hi all,

Got the old  modelling mojo back, and over the last couple of days I've gridded my loins and started moulding the crew figures..

I modified a figure I had, got two right arms, one holding a rod as a joystick and the other slightly extended, like reaching for a panel. Also got a second head and added the visor cover, so there is an option of two heads for the figure and two arms.

Got some silicone mould making ingredient and some resin and started off. Out came the Lego and plasticine..

 Mixed and poured one half, after a coat of vegetable oil as a release coating...

 Removed the plasticine a bit more oil, Legos to box, mix and pour sliicone again..
And we have a mould.

So today out with the resin..
and we have the first casting out...
A bit of feathery flash to clean up but looks ok, so on to number two.

Since I like having crew in my models, I quickly run out of plastic figures, so this will hopefully save some time and effort. I need to do about four copies as I have a Tornado as well as the A-10 to crew up. The next time I do some WWII crew, I'll make a mould as well, and should solve my lack of crew.

Off to pour some more resin..
All the best


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