Wednesday 22 January 2014

Sprue Cutters Union #25 - Time Management

- How do you find time for the hobby? -

I could do with one of these for the hobby...

also essential to sort out that stash....

At my most productive, (three years ago), I was pretty determined at setting modelling times, and I regularly joined group builds, so with that being a good incentive I would get up at 0530, get an hour in before the family arouse. As we had a little one in the house who still had mid day naps, I was able to grab an hour at lunch time, then at the end of the day, after the kids were put to bed, and after I had read a couple of stories to them I used to get an hour or so. So with aound 3 hours a days I used to get through a few kits happily.

Unfortunately, the time hasn't been as easy at find over the last year, a bit of volunteering at the kids school, and some paying evening IT work, saw the modelling drop off the radar. Now I am lucky if I manage to steal an hour in an evening. 

I think one of the reasons, is that I am a kitchen table modeller, so things have to pulled out to start doing anything, and popped away afterwards, just a bit of a mental hurdle to have a nibble of modelling.

I have committed to a couple of group builds coming up, and this photo:

 has inspired me to dig out an old Hornet kit, so hopefully a bit of incentive to keep it bit more regular.

All the best


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