Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Sprue Cutters Union #26 - Glue

- What glue(s) do you use, and how do you apply them? -

A simple one this one, what we use and do..

Glues used on the dinner bench are, from most used to less used:

Tamiya Extra Thin
Used for all the major construction on a kitset, and applied with the great fine brush supplied with the bottle.

It's my everday cement for plastic parts, I love how you only need a little, and how it evaporates quickly if you get it where you don't want it, just don't touch it, or you'll be repairing a smear mark.

Super Glue/CA cheap thin stuff, and Selleys thick type

These I tend to use mainly for filling and dissimilar materials, metals to plastic etc.

Applied with one of these two applicators:

Toothpick with a section of fine copper wire wrapped around it. Can pick up small amounts of glue, and when tip gets build up on it, just pull a bit more copper wire out.

When I need a large dollop.. 
It's sewing needle, stuck into ta bit of wooden chopstick, then the tip of the loop snapped off, and lightly sanded the sharp edges off.

I made a couple of these and use them for applying CA accelerator as well. Lets you get a small amount of accelerator onthe CA with out it flowing everywhere.

Helmar Tiger Grip PVA type glue

This stuff, I found in a craft store and is my favourite pva type glue, sets up quite quickly, thins with water. I use it for glazing windows, occasionally canopies, little canopy fill jobs and attaching parts during the final assembly after paint.

Normally I apply it with a tip of a toothpick, or a paint brush.

Tube Poly Cement
I use tube glue for the large four engine builds I have done, for the wing root attachment points, where the fit isn't as good as it should be, and I want to make sure I get a bond all the way across the joint surface.

Applied with a toothpick or when feeling brave, straight form the tube.

Five Minute Epoxy
Cheapo five minute epoxy, which I've use for reinforcing joints. 
Applied with a toothpick, or a thicker stick.

All the best.


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