Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Sprue Cutters Union # 24 - Pet Peeves

- What do other modelers do that gets under your skin? -

Cat pictures and selfies they really get my.. oh hang what Modelers do..

Honestly I don't care what other modellers do, I used to and thought, how could you possibly do that, but then I realised, woop de bloody do, do what you like, I'm not paying for it. I have no buy in to how you build a kit, do it the way you like, and I'll look at and maybe copy a technique, a scheme or not, and I'll do it my way too.

It is such an individual hobby, that you really make it your own, with your own idiosyncrasies of doing things, that's cool, probably one of the enjoyable things about the hobby, seeing how all of us produce differing results.

The thing that really gets me, is the online behaviour of people who think a kit is a real life object put in a shrink ray. Really? really? these kits are not a miniaturised real life object, they are representations of an object, and end up being your individual representation of a subject, which will be completely different to my view, or to the next modeller, or to my wife or children. Just chill and enjoy the fun of it.

Probably due to the reaction I have had to posting pictures of my models with prop blurs. To some it really is the anti-deity risen: "You don't see the blades blur in real life, they only look like that in photos!"  Shit a brick, I'm not making a real life plane, its a model guys! I like prop blurs on a subject, get over it.


Here's what peeves the Union:

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