Sunday, 25 September 2011

Airfix Red Arrows Hawk - Intakes

Well it may a 'new tool', but when you get to the intakes she's like an old school build, plenty of fill 'n sand on this one.

This side had the largest gaps, so used Tamiya basic putty and correction fluid.
Intakes not too bad from the top, a bit of a step to sand down.
The locating hole for the blade aerial is rather cavernous, and has been filled. Also the round vent towards the fin, has had some correction fluid in it to hide the seam, going to paint it black after main painting, so I'm hoping it'll be ok.
The under side gets plenty of filler here, the gaps realy were a bit large for a panel line. I've also left the flap actuator fairings(?) off, I think it will make the decalling easier.
Superglue gel on the intakes to fill the vertical seam lines, as they are right on the edge of the lip.
Finally tonight the canopies got cemented on with Tiger Grip glue. Looks like a bot of a step to fill in the front of the windscreen.