Saturday, 17 September 2011

Scramble! - Airfix Hurricane in a weekend - 1

Scramble, scramble... over on Hyperscale, Allan Buttrick suggested a quick commerative Battle of Britain build. Build a kit like we used to as lads. so i thought I'd have a go, I need a nice ignore the faults build.

So out to "The Stash" and dig out this Airifx Hurricane..
I have to tweak a couple of things, just can't help myself..
Added some slices of plastic tube as landing lights.
and tried to shape the radiator bath more to my liking,

Nice fitting kit, only real gapage I had was at the wing roots, which I filled with 10thou card, and squishing up with rubber bands. There was two large ejector pin marks on the uderside of the tailplane, but a bit of scraping and sanding and they are gone.

So status after three hours is...
Let it set up, tidy the seams and then some painting.

A fun build.

Happy Fill'n sand