Saturday, 17 September 2011

Scramble! - Airfix Hurricane in a weekend - 2

Well snuck in a little of painting before I went to bed,

Little Jim got his colours on..

I'll give him a water colour and Klear wash, a flatting and he'll be sorted.

Spinner got painted, and blades snipped, nice fitting, not much to tidy up, just a bit of a step..
 painted up the tailwheel.

Sliced off the plasticard in the wingroots..
 just needed a bit of correction fluid to finish, and the correction fluid used on a couple of sink marks on the nose.

Bit of gapage at the rear of the wing joint, so it was filled with super glue gel..

wheels were painted last night, and this morning once, the rear joint filled a big bit of sprue cemented in for the mount. Also a couple of big sink marks were sorted out, shame about the ribbing, as I lost a bit by the sanding.

A bit of correction fluid for the tailplanes..

and I ran a scriber along the top and bottom of the exhausts..
 they looked too much part of the fuselage to me.

So state of scramble at 1100 hrs Saturday here in NZ.

Sort some lunch out for the kids, then I need to do some weeding in the vegie garden, I don't want to get the airbrush out so it'll be out with the hairy sticks tonight and some Humbrol authentic colours ..

Great fun this..

Tally ho..

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