Saturday, 10 September 2011

Airfix Red Arrows Hawk - fuselage gaps

Put the rear decking on, had to sand down the rear bulkhead a bit so it would fit down..

puttied the seam in the coaming and added a square of plasticard to hide the hole for the HUD. I've put on the fuselage halves of the intakes, as I thought it would be easier painting them.

I had a 'heads up' about the undercart doors being gappy, so I looked at them, and do have a bit of a gap all around...

 so I added strips of 5 thou card to the edges of the doors. I'm hoping I don't get a double panel line...

Found the same gapage with the airbrake door, and it sat a bit low..

 so a bit of 10 thou to raise it up, and some 5 thou on the air-brake edges.

Its nice that Airfx supply seperated undercarriage doors for wheels down option and a single piece wheels up option, and two air-brake doors, an open one and one closed, good stuff.

I'll let the plastic setup and I'll trim the doors. Oh, the nose gear door fitted quite well, sits just a tad low on mine, but I should be able to sand that out.